Mailchimp services, support & training, on demand

Flexible + affordable Mailchimp help is here!

First up, create your account and start your subscription

Kick things off with a $99 per month plan, giving you 3 credits (45 mins). Mix and match services, support and training as needed. Credits roll over.

Connect up your Mailchimp account, so we can log in and do our thang

The first thing we need to do is to gain access to your Mailchimp account, so if you get stuck, we can jump right in and help.

Now the fun stuff – submit your support requests

As simple as raising a support ticket. Use your new fancy dashboard to submit requests.

Once we receive your request, we’ll let you know how long it will take us, and provide an estimate

Eat into your credits, or buy more with a single click.

Leave comments or ask questions

Use our messaging tool to directly contact the Chimpgigs team for updates and questions.

Easy peasy billing management

Manage your subscription and billing info.

View and download paid invoices in a snap.

Save money with credit packs

Additional credits beyond your subscription cost just $37 (for 15-mins), but you can save with our credit packs.

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